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Jadyn James

14-1 Head Coach

Jadyn was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. Her passion for volleyball first began with Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball Club which was just a short drive from where her family of six resided. She was a tri-sport athlete throughout her middle school and high school years, playing volleyball (club and high school), basketball, and track year round.

Throughout the Jadyn's youth, she had the blessed opportunity to be coached by some of the most incredible athletes and coaches that truly enhanced the player and coach she is today. Some of which included to have been coached by Olympic-level athletes and coaches, as well as several state title holding coaches and more.

Jadyn has always had a competitive edge and passion for athletics, specifically volleyball, that has continued to inspire her each and every day. Jadyn's strong work ethic afforded her to continue her passion for the game and committed to play at the collegiate level going into her junior year of high school while furthering her education in Business Administration at Quincy University in the small town of Quincy, Illinois! She spent two years there, and watched the program grow and expand tremendously.

After the relocation of her parents and their jobs down to central Texas, Jadyn made the decision to transfer and complete her four year education and athletic career at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. There, she was a two-year starter as a primary right-side hitter as well as outside hitter and defensive specialist positions. Not only was Jadyn blessed to be in a position of leadership but she truly loved the program and the girls in which she was able to share a passion of the game with.

Jadyn's knowledge for the game, recruiting processes, coaching, court awareness, technical skill level and more has only grown throughout her over ten year volleyball career and she is forever grateful for that as well as excited to share it with all of you!

Towards the end of this year Jadyn made the decision to finalize her career due to medical reasoning and knew immediately that my love for the game would not end with her retirement to the physical opportunity to play. Jadyn aspires to ignite a passion for young girls to follow a similar path she once chose and have the same blessing she too had as a female athlete.

Jadyn's volleyball career has truly continued to inspire her everyday life as well as the person in which she is today, and she will always see it was one of God’s greatest blessings.

Jadyn graduated May of 2023 and is reminded of what a blessing playing a sport is let alone what an opportunity you have to share your faith for Christ throughout it all. Following my graduation she was eager to move back to Belton, where a majority of her family resides and begin my mission!

She looks forward to sharing her method of coaching with each and every player moving forward. Not only does she want all of the players she has the opportunity to coach to be incredible athletes with a well-rounded knowledge of the game, but also a want for them to be well-rounded people with strong character and moral values, that are eager to spread the light of Christ throughout their athletic careers!

Jadyn James
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