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Jose "Sultan" Rivera

12-1 Head Coach

Jose started playing volleyball in his senior year of high school, when he previously only played basketball. During that year, he played with the high school team that held the '98-'99 Championship Title of all public schools of Puerto Rico.

Since then, Jose has never stopped practicing volleyball. That same summer, his neighbor who was an U-19 coach, Alberto Quiñones, invited him to be part of the team. Later that year, Jose trained with Marcos Torres for the last year of U-19 with the Catholic university. 

After two years playing in local leagues, Jose signed to play professional leagues with Los Gigantes de Adjuntas in 2002.

In 2004, he signed as a free agent with the rebels of Moca; later that next year the team was sold to the Gigantes de Carolina.

In 2005, he signed with Los Patriotas de Lares where he played until 2007. 

Jose entered the Interamerican University in 2005 where he played the Lide League for one year. That same year he was offered a contract to go play in the Spain Division 1 league with the CV Andorra team and which he accepted and put his studies on hold.

In 2006, Jose flew to the Spain league this time with CV Cáceres Div 2.

In 2007, he was transferred to Los Indios de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico where he played until 2012.

In 2013, Jose was transferred to the Maratonistas de Coamo and finished his professional career in 2014. 

Jose Sultan Rivera obtained several championships and individual league awards in Puerto Rico: 

2010 Cafeteros de Yauco of Yauco (Copuvo) champions.

2011 Cafeteros de Yauco (LVP) champions. 2006 Best Blocker (LVSM) 

2006 Most improve Player (LVSM) 

As a coach,he had the opportunity to be in Catholic schools when he had the junior women's and senior men's team with Holy Rosary of Yauco,PR. He also coach the Yauco copuvo team for two years. Jose was also part the of the officials for beach volleyball of the 2010 Central American Games in Mayagüez PR.

Jose "Sultan" Rivera
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